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Liverpool Reportedly Nearing Deal With Disney+ For Documentary Series

The docuseries was announced last week, just after the news of Klopp’s departure.


In a whirlwind of news that came out this week, the announcement of the documentary series being filmed about this season was easy to miss.

Filming has been going on since December 2023, and now The Daily Mail is reporting that Liverpool are nearing a deal with streamer Disney+ to distribute the series upon its completion, netting the club roughly £10 million. That number in and of itself seems low, especially from a media conglomerate the size of Disney.

As previously reported, the series is being produced by the same production company behind 2019’s Diego Maradona documentary. Disney appears to be the only studio left standing, after Amazon and Netflix both rejected the series due to limitations on filming in the dressing room. Indeed, the Mail states that one of the reasons Jurgen Klopp signed off on this particular documentary is that they agreed not to follow players into the dressing rooms and other private areas, unlike Amazon’s All or Nothing series, which Liverpool had already rejected back in 2018.

Liverpool fans are understandably cautious of the documentary, having been burned in the past by 2012’s Being Liverpool series turned out to be quite the embarrassment, but the club are in a better place to have their story told and certainly by better producers. Diego Maradona was widely celebrated as an honest and emotional depiction of the complicated player’s life and history. The series itself will also allegedly look at more than just the first team in the club, but will include the women’s team as well, and hopefully their move to the Melwood training ground.

The project has also been pitched to Sky Sports and TNT Sports, but appears to have been priced out for the live sports centers.

All this to say that any behind the scenes look at this last chapter with Klopp will be special as it chronicles the remaining time we have with the best manager of our generation.

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