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Van Dijk: “I’m Fully Committed”

Have no fear, our skipper’s here.

Liverpool v Norwich City - Emirates FA Cup Fourth Round Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Liverpool FC captain Virgil van Dijk caused a bit of mild panic earlier this week when he replied in a very Dutch and very matter-of-factly manner to questions if he’ll be a part of the club after Jürgen Klopp’s departure. The man does only have 18 months on his contract left, and there’s no sporting director at the club at the moment.

Well, if you do need assurance, the captain is here to provide it. Speaking on the Men in Blazers podcast, Big Virg said:

“It’s much taken out of context. To be 100% clear, I’m fully committed to the club. I love the club, I love the fans. It is fully taken out of context. It’s not about me, it’s not about I, It’s about us and nothing has changed.”

“Five days ago we weren’t even speaking about my contract, so it’s silly. My full focus is on making sure this year can be a very special year and obviously a big announcement in the last couple of days, it’s been a shock to each one of us connected to the club. I feel exactly what the fans have been feeling.”

“We mean business here. We want to crack on, we want to achieve things we dreamed of at the start of the season. Don’t get it twisted, I’m fully committed to the club. I love it. I’m the captain and we’re going to go for it all. Let’s see how that goes.”

Good to know, big man. Up the Reds.

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