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Luis Diaz: “I Feel Highly Motivated and Relaxed and Calm”

There is a lot of competition amongst Liverpool’s forward line.

Liverpool Training Session Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Luis Diaz scored Liverpool’s opening goal of the season against Chelsea in the 18th minute last weekend. The game ended in a 1-1 draw, but Diaz is ready to face the rest of the season with confidence.

“Right now I feel 100 per cent in myself, I feel really, really good. I feel highly motivated and relaxed and calm at the same time, so that’s good”, he said.

A lengthy injury spell marred most of the 2022-23 season for Diaz, and he is keen to prove himself on the pitch once again.

“I think when you do have adverse times, like you’ve referred to there, you do appreciate the good times a lot more. It teaches you to know that you’re never really sure what’s around the corner and what might happen next, so you have to enjoy every day as it happens and get the most out of it”, he said.

“You really appreciate the fact that you feel 100 per cent and you feel well in yourself. It was all about working really hard during those difficult times and training hard just to make sure that I could come back 100 per cent and start contributing again”.

While Liverpool is lacking in the midfield area, there is a lot of talent in the forward line, and Diaz recognizes that this season will be competitive.

“There is great competition amongst the members of this forward line and I think [there is] 100 per cent quality. We all try to give what we can to the team. I think in terms of the positive benefits for the team, it keeps you really 100 per cent at it in every training session”, he said.

“You know that every minute of every training session counts and you know that the manager is going to take the view that the people who are showing the best form and playing the best, they’ll be the ones who are featuring in the following game”.

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