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Liverpool Part Ways with Throw-In Coach Thomas Gronnemark

After five years of improving Liverpool’s throw-ins, the club have decided to part ways with the Danish coach.

Trabzonspor’s training session Photo by Hakan Burak Altunoz/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Five years ago, Liverpool took what then seemed a quite unusual step when they hired a throw-in coach, manager Jürgen Klopp seeking to improve a statistical weak spot in his side’s collective game by hiring specialist Thomas Gronnemark.

The result was for Liverpool to move from being rating out 18th for under pressure throw-ins to first. Alone that might not have been the difference between winning and losing any one game, it spoke to the club’s efforts to seek out and exploit marginal gains other clubs were ignoring, and that mindset was key to their success.

“I won’t be working for Liverpool beyond this season and I didn’t decide that myself, it was a club decision,” Gronnemark told The Athletic of the decision. “But I respect that decision and I’ll always be grateful for the amazing opportunity Jürgen gave me.”

Gronnemark pointed to a reduction in time spent hands-on with the players, first due to covid restrictions but then continuing into last season, as being behind the decision. While the parting is said to be amicable, his preference would have been to continue, albeit at pre-covid levels of involvement.

With the club deciding not to go in that direction, his second preference was the parting of ways that has now come to pass and that will see the specialist continue to work with other clubs, something he says has been possible thanks to the chance Liverpool took.

“All good things come to an end,” Gronnemark noted. “Liverpool and I have decided not to continue our agreement after five great seasons. I´m proud of being a part of taking LFC from 18th to first in the Premier League on throw-ins under pressure.

“Since then, 25 professional clubs have hired me based on the development in Liverpool—and I´ve been part of 14 titles, promotions, and teams punching above their weight. The last seasons didn´t allow me to work as much with the throw-ins as I wanted. Therefore it is natural that we say thanks for this time now.

“Thank you for a great time and cooperation, to Liverpool FC and Jürgen Klopp, the staff, and players. We had a fantastic ride.”

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