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Fenway Sports Group “Remain Fully Committed” to Liverpool Football Club

While vague on specifics, principle owner John Henry says FSG are committed to doing what it takes to make “new history” at Liverpool.

Liverpool FC v Norwich City - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Liverpool owners Fenway Sports Group continue to seek investment in the club but whether or not it arrives before the end of the current season, investment in the playing staff—and particular in midfield—seems desperately needed this summer.

Having left a much needed rebuild of the club’s spine at least a season or two too late, there appears to be a need for at least two major midfield signings, and likely a major centre half signing as well. Principle owner John Henry, though, is avoiding anything too specific when it comes to the club’s recruitment plans.

“We [will] continue building at Liverpool Football Club in a responsible manner,” Henry told The Liverpool Echo. “We’ve seen many football clubs, including LFC previously, go down unsustainable paths.

“We have and will continue to focus our attention on investing wisely in the transfer market and we remain incredibly proud of our squad. At the same time we continue investing in our training facilities, our main stand and currently the Anfield Road stand.”

A commitment to investing wisely is open to interpretation and could mean just about whatever one wants it to mean, from being committed to spending what it takes to rebuild an aging midfield core in order to remain competitive to not being willing to spend what it takes to do so.

Given attempts to sign Aurélien Tchouaméni last summer and interest in Jude Bellingham for 2023, the hope has to be that the reality falls closer to the former than the latter and that while the club won’t spend big like Chelsea, they will spend as necessary.

As for chatter that the club had been seeking a full sale in recent months and not just investment and a minority partner, Henry stuck to his line from recent weeks that FSG remain committed to the club in a larger sense and aren’t seeking a full divestment.

“We remain fully committed to the long-term success of the club,” he noted. “That has been the case since day one in 2010. Our efforts every day have been and continue to be focused on the long-term health and competitiveness of the club.

“Investment in the club is never for the short-term. This approach has been successful over the long haul with patience necessary from time to time. In regard to Liverpool Football Club our commitment remains stronger than ever.

“The people of this club—starting with its manager, its players, and everyone from stewards to management—are committed to the club locally, committed to maintaining the club’s great history, and equally committed to making new history in a way that our supporters can be proud of.”

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