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Klopp Talk: Three Goal Deficit “Not What You Want for Christmas”

The Reds will need perhaps their biggest miracle comeback ever if they’re to advance in the Champions League against Real Madrid.

Liverpool FC Training Session And Press Conference Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Liverpool are down three goals in Europe. It’s a deficit they’ve overcome before, but this time the challenge is bigger. This season, Liverpool aren’t at their best. It’s away in a two-leg tie. And it’s against Real Madrid.

If anything, that last part seems the biggest problem. Madrid have been the side Jürgen Klopp’s Reds have struggled most against over the years. And they’re a side that weren’t fazed going down two at Anfield.

“I am not sure this is the season where we have the best chance,” Klopp noted. “But let me say that if we can surprise ourselves in a negative way then we should be able to surprise ourselves in a positive way as well.

“If it is going up and down then tomorrow can be up again, but we will see. It is clear, we are not here and telling Madrid, be careful, we are coming. That’s not the situation we are in. We are here to try to win the game.

“And to win it, we will have to play extremely well. There is no other chance. If we play a normal game or an okay game or a good game it will not be enough. We have to be really on top of our game, and we will try.”

While there are plenty of reasons to feel as though the tie is done, there have been signs now and then that this side can still play like their vintage best—they just seem unable to do it week in and week out any more.

While the season itself and Liverpool’s position—both in the league and the tie—might make a comeback seem impossible, it wouldn’t be for Klopp’s Liverpool at their best. And even this year, at times, they’ve been that.

“It is difficult because we will probably not go through to the next round,” the Liverpool manager added. “So if I am the only one who thinks we are have a little chance I am, fine. We are 100% the complete outsider.

“It is against Real Madrid and they are three goals up. That is not what you want for Christmas or whatever. You don’t want this. But it is the situation, it is football, and so now we will try to give it a go. That’s all.”

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