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Liverpool Reportedly Uninterested in European Super League Revival

Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus are trying to get a Super League going again but there seems little appetite for reviving the project at Liverpool.

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The Club Badges of the 12 European Super League teams Photo by Visionhaus/Getty Images

Two years ago now, a group of Europe’s most historically successful and financially powerful clubs came together to try to form a breakaway European Super League. The backlash, particularly in England whose clubs would have made up the plurality of the proposed new league, was such that it failed.

However, for Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus failure was never an acceptable outcome. At the time, the continental trio made it clear they were not willing to let their plans—and their dream of a league that would potentially see them able to catch up with the earning power of the big English clubs—die quietly.

Which brings us to today and a new proposed Super League, one that would include 60 to 80 clubs in a semi-open competition allowing movement between the tiers of European competition. It would also potentially—though as yet there are no details—allow for relegation out of and promotion into the competition.

The trio driving the revival say their new plans come after consulting at least 50 other clubs. It’s tempting to dismiss out of hand, though with UEFA’s constant desire to expand its own tournament to the detriment of players and little clear benefit for football as a whole it’s hard to feel passion or loyalty to the status quo.

For their part, though, Liverpool reportedly remain uninterested in revisiting the Super League in any form, and given the backlash in England the last time from the fan to the governmental level it’s hard to see any other Premier League clubs being eager or early participants in the project this time around.

It’s also worth noting the Premier League is for the moment a de facto super league in earning power, and any new project would have to be incredibly compelling for its clubs to be willing to undermine their domestic status—especially after the league proved last time around it would fight hard to protect its interests.

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