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RedBird Capital Reportedly Considering A Larger Stake In FSG

Gerry Cardinale and the group at RedBird Capital Partners is weighing increasing their investment in FSG by another 20% while keeping Liverpool under the auspices of FSG rather than selling the entire club.


It has not been a banner season for Liverpool. On the pitch, the squad has struggled mightily to produce consistent results, and have put together a string of abject performances to start the new year. Off the pitch, there are whispers of turmoil and uncertainty, with several backroom staff leaving, and ownership group FSG exploring potential options to sell part or all of the club.

While initial reports made it sound like John Henry and the brass at FSG wanted to sell the club in its entirety, newer rumors suggest it would be more likely to see a sale of a minority stake in Liverpool. In a slightly interesting turn, the Daily Mail have written that current minority investor, RedBird Capital Partners, could up their share in FSG as a whole.

If the report is to be believed, RedBird Capital would be interested in purchasing an additional 20% stake in FSG in a deal worth around £1billion. RedBird, led by Gerry Cardinale, bought an 11% share in FSG in 2021, and have also purchased AC Milan, as well as a majority share in Toulouse.

Of course, the increased shares would be in FSG as a whole, which includes ownership of the Boston Red Sox, RFK Racing, and the Pittsburgh Penguins, as well as media and real estate companies along with Liverpool FC. Should this deal happen, the investment would likely not be focused solely on Liverpool.

Of course, news of money going to FSG across the board rather than specifically to Liverpool has gotten keyboard warriors across the world all riled up about the lack of funds for the Reds. There is still a ways to go before any sort of deal is done with FSG, whether for a minority stake in the group to an existing partner, or a complete sale of Liverpool FC itself. Fun times, right?

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