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Jurgen Klopp: “I Don’t Lose Confidence in the Boys”

The manager is sure that he can turn things around.

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Wolverhampton Wanderers v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images

Liverpool are currently tenth in the Premier League and have been eliminated from the FA Cup. Things are bleak, and a refresh and reset in many areas is urgently needed. But one thing is for sure, the manager still has full faith in his players. And that’s a huge silver lining for us fans.

“I don’t think they are [at their] best in the moment and do I like that? No. But I still know how good they are and how good they can be”, said Jurgen Klopp, following Liverpool’s 0-3 loss to Wolverhampton Wanderers last night.

The first goal last night was an own goal by Joel Matip. Overall it was an underconfident defensive display by the Reds against Wolves, but Klopp is not keen to pin the blame on anyone.

“How can you get in a situation… seven or eight players had nothing to do with the first goal, the other seven [or] eight players had nothing to do with the second goal – but everybody is influenced by it. So, these are the situations we have to go through”, he said.

“I don’t lose confidence in the boys or whatever, but I see where we have to improve.”

Klopp took responsibility for the squad’s performance, and also expressed confidence in the fact that things will turn around.

“You know my job, I know my job, my job is not to explain here how I can build up my team. I will be judged by that from you and that’s fine. But, let me say it like this, for today, it was not enough what I did.”

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