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Cody Gakpo On His First Year At Liverpool

The Dutch star has played a big part in Liverpool’s recent success.

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Liverpool Training Session Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

It’s been a year since Cody Gakpo joined the Reds in the last winter transfer window. In that time, he’s made 50 appearances and scored 14 goals. This season, he’s played his part to help the Reds get to the top of the league by the end of the 2023 and stay in both the Europa League and the League Cup.

The player spoke to the official site to celebrate his anniversary.

“I really feel at home and I think the club is amazing. It’s like a big family. The supporters are amazing every game and show love to all of us. I appreciate it and I love being here,” he said when asked about how he’s adjusted to life on Merseyside.

“It’s an amazing club and hopefully many more beautiful moments will come for me and for the team,” he continued. This seems more prescient given the forward momentum that Liverpool are riding. They’re nearly out of the tricky festive period and have so far come out on top.

There’s still half a season left to play, though, so it’s premature to get too excited yet. In fact, now is the time for the team to buckle down and work on putting some distance between them and the rest of their competition.

“Of course it brings pressure to be in the top position in the league,” Gakpo admitted, “but I think we don’t see it like that. We are just really focused on that one game we have to play in that moment, and I think that’s also a strength of the team.”

The team that will kick off 2024 will be Newcastle United on Monday evening. When the Reds travelled to St. James Park to kick off the season, they won 2-1. We’ll be hoping for a similar outcome at Anfield.

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