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Luiz Diaz’s Father Reportedly To Be Released By Kidnappers

The group responsible for the kidnapping has released a statement that the process for his release has begun.

Liverpool FC v Nottingham Forest - Premier League Photo by Daniel Chesterton/Offside/Offside via Getty Images

The group identified as responsible for Luis Diaz’s parents, Ejercito de Liberacion Nacional, have released a statement that the process for release has begun.

Although the Liverpool star and his family will surely not be getting much sleep until the father is back home and safe, it sounds as if this horrible situation is moving toward a positive conclusion.

“After being reported and verified that it is the [father]* of Lucho Diaz, is guided by his release because he is a family member of the great sportsman that we all love as Colombians” ELN’s statement said.

“From that moment on, the release process begins and we want to avoid any incident. Firm in the search for the paths of peace, with the necessary transformations that the country needs.”

I have no idea what this release process entails, or how long it takes. It’s apparently more complicated than just opening the front door and letting him go.

Regardless, we’re all with Lucho and his family, and hope for a quick and safe return of his father.

*The Daily Mail reported this as “the priest of Lucho Diaz,” which is obviously a very bad translation. Please pay a translator instead of using Google Translate actual paid professional journalists.

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