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John Terry: “My One Disappointment as Captain”

Another day, another opportunity to laugh at Chelsea.

Liverpool FC v Nottingham Forest - Premier League Photo by MB Media/Getty Images

Mohamed Salah’s legacy as one of Liverpool FC’s and the Premier League’s greatest players is more than secure. But it could have turned out very differently.

Speaking on the Obi One podcast, former Chelsea captain John Terry admitted that he regrets not giving Salah and Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne more attention during their spells at the London club. When asked if he envisaged the duo going to do what they’ve done at Chelsea’s rival clubs, he said:

“Absolutely not, no chance. It’s my one disappointment as captain.”

“I softened as the years went on, but when those guys were there I was very disciplined in the group and very strong.”

“They probably needed an arm around the shoulder, a sit-down and a discussion and maybe I could’ve helped them settle in.”

“I’m disappointed in myself as a captain and it’s a regret I have. I wouldn’t have said they would’ve gone to the levels they would’ve gone to, no chance.”

Now, this is really a nothingburger of a comment, but did I want to start my day off by laughing at Captain Full Kit Wanker and Chelsea? You bet I did. Up the Reds!

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