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PGMOL Deliver VAR Incident Recordings to Liverpool, Plan Public Release

Liverpool are in possession of recordings of the VAR incident that saw a legal Luis Diaz goal ruled offside in their 2-1 defeat to Tottenham.

Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images

It’s been three days since Liverpool were denied a clear and obvious legal goal against Tottenham in Saturday’s headlining Premier League match, going on to lose the game in part as a result of it and ensuring Manchester City would end the matchweek still top of the table despite their own defeat.

It’s been three days of Liverpool and Liverpool fans looking for answers and pushing for transparency and perhaps a little bit of change in the wake of what is almost certainly the most significant officiating error in the Premier League in the VAR era—while supposedly respectable Guardian and BBC journalists mock them for it because CatFart3827 on Twitter said he thinks there should be a replay.

They and others in the world of punditry may be more interested in milking the news cycle for clicks and engagement than in questioning those in power and seeking change in a broken system, but regardless their journalistic failings there’s movement to report as the PGMOL have today delivered full recordings of the incident to Liverpool.

Did Darren England issue his much-discussed “check complete” followed by radio silence for the next 17 minutes? Did anyone in the VAR room notice an issue? Did on-pitch officials reject a proposal to give the goal after signalling Tottenham to take their free kick? Were, perhaps, they overruled by someone higher up the chain?

All of this will hopefully soon become a little clearer, as after Liverpool review the audio the PGMOL intend to release it publicly.

Alternately, and just as likely perhaps, of course, the VAR audio will shine no meaningful light on anything and rather than being an impetus for change we’ll quickly get back to being told by those supposedly respectable Guardian journalists that it’s best to sit down, shut up, and get on with things. That in football (as in politics and life, presumably), better isn’t possible so it’s wiser to engage in snarky tribalism than attempt to fix a clearly broken system.

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