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Trent Alexander-Arnold Reflects on Best Moments As a Liverpool Player

The moment the star right back would most like to relive isn’t his corner taken quickly against Barcelona.

Liverpool v Union SG - UEFA Europa League - Group E - Anfield Photo by Nigel French/PA Images via Getty Images

With club football on hold as players head off to represent their countries during another international break, it’s a chance to step back from the focus on just the next match and reflect.

On the season so far and on events further in the past, which Liverpool star right back Trent Alexander-Arnold did this week on the club’s This Is Liverpool podcast, thinking back to some of his best moments in Red.

And, perhaps a little surprisingly, the 25-year-old’s pick for the best moment so far in his career isn’t his iconic assist against Barcelona in their 4-0 Champions League victory.

“Part of me thinks obviously the corner and that night,” Alexander-Arnold said when asked if his corner taken quickly against Barcelona was the moment as a Liverpool player he’d most like to relive.

“But for me, by far really, the best moment I’ve ever felt on a pitch was Divock’s goal in Madrid [against Tottenham in the Champions League Final]. When it goes in, just that feeling of knowing you’ve won.

“We’re 1-0 up the whole game and we’re fighting, digging in, and we’re closer and closer and closer and it gets to 85 [minutes]. And then it goes in.

“At that point you know, unless they come up with an absolute miracle, it was just that feeling of, ‘We’ve won it.’ Never forget that feeling. By far the best feeling I’ve ever felt on the pitch.”

If it’s not spotting the chance to complete the greatest comeback in the history of a club with more than a few historic comebacks, a goal to win the Champions League definitely seems like a solid pick—even if it came off a scrambled corner and not an Alexander-Arnold assist.

The goal, though, is to have more moments like those and not to relivethem. And on that front, Alexander-Arnold says he headed into the season more serious and determined than ever before.

“I think in previous seasons, without throwing myself under the bus, I’ve seen off-season as ‘off-season,’” he noted. “I do my runs and I do my programme but in my head I’ve got three, four weeks of pre-season to really get ready for the season.

“Whereas this pre-season, it was, ‘I need to come back and I need to be in the shape that if the season was to start on the first day of pre-season then I’ll be ready to start that game and play 90 minutes.’

“That was my mentality. I put that in in the summer. It felt different as well. Coming back in, I felt like a man.”

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