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Klopp Talk: “This Is Not A One-Off”

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Brighton & Hove Albion v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by Sebastian Frej/MB Media/Getty Images

Everything is bad. This is just a fact at this point. Liverpool men didn’t even have the worst defeat of the weekend, which honestly just solidifies just how bad everything is. After a 3-0 loss to Brighton which has left everyone—from the team to the fans—reeling, it’s no wonder that we keep coming back to what Jurgen Klopp has to say about the team and the way forward. “

“It’s my job to organise that they arrive there in the right moments,” Klopp said in the post-match conference. “It’s my job to make the right line-up, all these things; set up the right tactics. I am not sure if it’s still because the game is only a few minutes ago, but I can’t remember a worse game. I honestly can’t and I mean all, not only Liverpool, I can’t remember, and that is my responsibility. That makes it a really low point for the moment. [That’s] clear.”

When asked about whether or not the team could forget this performance (and how exactly is anyone who watched the game meant to do that, let alone anyone who played it?), he was emphatic:

“No, there might be games [where I do that], but this is not [one]. No, this is not, how we say, a one-off, or something like that. Unfortunately not. The moment is not great. Yes, we have injury problems and all these kind of things but come on. The team we could line-up today was absolutely not a bad one – really not. But what we made of it was not good, that’s true. No, it’s not a moment where you say, ‘Come on, forget it.’ Actually, I didn’t say a lot after the game now to the boys because I don’t think anything I would have said would’ve helped. It’s not the right moment to start. If I have to say something, which helps either way, like wakes somebody up, or lift somebody, then I have time for doing that tomorrow. I was not in the right mindset to do that this afternoon.”

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