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Klopp Talk: “We Are Not Over the Moon About Our Season So Far”

The Liverpool manager addressed the stumbling start to the season and last week’s heavy defeat at Napoli.

SSC Napoli v Liverpool FC - UEFA Champions League Photo by Giuseppe Maffia/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Last season, Liverpool came within two games of a historic quadruple. Had they won, they would have been hailed as one of the best club sides in football history. Expectations, then, were high heading into 2022-23.

So far, the reality has fallen short, injuries and perhaps exhaustion—a hangover from last season’s near miss and the effort put into it—leading to poor results, but Jürgen Klopp is confident his players can turn it around.

“We had a meeting, showed them the situations, and I didn’t have to say a lot,” Klopp said. “The players know. We had obvious football problems, misjudgments, and then everyone wanted to sort it by themselves.

“I know all of the players want to solve the situation, we are not over the moon about our season so far obviously. We don’t think we’ve played exceptional football. So we have had four or five days now of absolute truth.

“We didn’t hide anything, we didn’t hold back anything. Not to try to knock the players down, just to make sure where we are now is the starting point for us now to sort out our problems together on the pitch.”

With Saturday’s Premier League match postponed due to the death of Queen Elizabeth, with English football taking a pause that no other sport felt compelled to undertake, they have had a few extra days to prepare.

Now, against Ajax, they will get another chance to get their season back on track—and to show that this group hasn’t gone from one of the greatest club sides of all time to a spent force in a matter of months.

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