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Klopp Discusses Injuries Ahead of United Game

Once again, we advocate for a very long nap to avoid everyone breaking.

Liverpool Training Session Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

It’s not exactly been an ideal start to the season, and the fact that Liverpool are once again battling multiple injuries isn’t exactly helping matters. With an injury list about as long as someone’s arm (an arm that’s probably broken, the way the injuries this season have been piling up), it’s good news that both Roberto Firmino and Naby Keita will be available for today’s game against Manchester United. For Jurgen Klopp, it’s hard to say exactly what the cause of the injuries are:

“Yeah, it’s not cool and you need a moment and last week was really horrible because it was like three players in one week. You think, ‘OK, what is going on?’ but that is the situation we are in and now in my mind, if we have a problem and you have the chance to sort it together then you do that together so I can’t wait for the next few games,” Klopp told the club’s website ahead of the United clash. “Our people buy in, how they did now with 10 men: ‘Ten men and now come on, let’s still try it.’ That’s us as well. We never reached anything without fighting. We reached the biggest things coming up from situations which were not the best possible and that’s what I like about it. When we can create this it was the best possible start for us so far and then we realise, ‘OK, it will not be easy.’ We know it and now let’s go.”

“When you have a lot of injuries, as a manager you have to ask first yourself what went wrong, stuff like this. Then you go through it and it was really unlucky. It started with the two injuries, or three injuries, which the players brought here,” he added. “But on the other side it opens up opportunities and I am really, really happy. I’m not sure the two boys Stefan Bajcetic and Bobby Clark would be that close to the first team at 17 years old if we would have them all available and now they make real steps, unbelievable every day in training. That’s good, but of course we would prefer to have an extra striker, an extra midfielder, available.”

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