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Fabio Carvalho on the “Need to Be Ready” for Long and Congested Season

It won’t be long now before the schedule gets busy and players like Carvalho start to get their chances to impress.

Liverpool FC v Crystal Palace - Premier League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

For their first four games of the season, Liverpool play just one per week, starting off the 2022-23 campaign at a leisurely pace. That won’t last long, though.

With the World Cup set to be played in the middle of the season, this year’s will be a highly compressed schedule despite the start, and after those first four games the Reds could be playing twice a week through to the end of it.

For players who haven’t gotten much of a chance at the start of it, then, their opportunities will come. And, says new midfield signing Fabio Carvalho, they’ll need to be ready when it does.

“There are going to be a lot of games and it’s going to be a bit stop-start with the World Cup,” Carvalho noted. “I know that I need to be ready to play when needed and also to perform at the highest level.

“Everyone needs to be ready to perform to their best. To achieve what we want to achieve, we need to be able to do that, so everyone needs to be prepared and ready to go.”

Carvalho was hugely impressive in pre-season and had many pointing to him as a potential breakout star for the Reds this season. So far, the move to five substitutes has meant Jürgen Klopp being able to bring him off the bench for minutes in every game.

That’s only added up to 24 minutes over three games so far, but it shows the player is in Klopp’s plans and when the games start to come thick and fast it’s likely the minutes will soon follow.

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