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Klopp: “Diaz Has the Quality and the Potential”

The boss discusses Luis Diaz and the role he’s growing into.

Liverpool FC v Real Madrid - UEFA Champions League Final 2021/22 Photo by Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

Luis Diaz is one game into the new season and hasn’t yet scored a goal, so obviously we’ve got to talk about what exactly might be wrong.

“We don’t take him out, ‘Because the other two scored and you didn’t, come on here, I show you how,’” Jurgen Klopp said in the press conference before today’s match against Crystal Palace. “It’s unnecessary. It’s not even a problem, it’s just the moment. But, of course, we do finishing and that helps him, like it helps the others.”

Diaz scored 6 goals and made five assists in his 28 appearances since signing with the Reds. With Sadio Mané gone, there’s some concern over goal scoring and goal production, but the boss seems pretty unconcerned about Diaz’ ability to step up for the team.

“He had these blocked moments already a couple of times but he’s in a really good shape actually, he looks really good – and that’s more important for me, that he’s in these situations. Not that I tell him after the game, ‘You should have scored here or there.’ The boys know that in the moment when it happens. So, that’s a normal process.”

“The problem is we sit here and talk about two games, whatever, didn’t score or these kind of things. But it’s, of course, in the long term not a problem at all, it’s about just being prepared, fighting through these moments like that, like now the first game and now the second game will not be easy – it’s at home, fantastic, can’t wait for that, by the way, it’s Monday night, great, all the things are positive. And now we have to go. The quality that he obviously has and the potential that he obviously has, if you then can put really miles, kilometres, whatever, in your legs during a pre-season, that will help you in the long term. That’s what will happen but we are not in the long term, we are now and that’s why I think for him, of course, just one goal and then we go from there.”

Liverpool take on Crystal Palace at Anfield today.

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