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Liverpool Unveil 2022-22 Home Kit (Yes, It’s Red)

The club have kept it simple with their next home kit, a straight red offering without much in the way of bells and whistles.

As is the case towards the end of every football season, news of the next season’s kits begin to be released, typically starting with the home kit. Such is the case today as Liverpool have unveiled their next home outfit. And yes, it’s red.

First impressions are that the club have kept things simple and clean, and for those asking for just that in a kit—to give them a red shirt without many bells and whistles—it might just be the best home kit Nike have given Liverpool yet.

On the other hand, given just how clean and simple Nike have kept it this time there will undoubtedly be more than a few who find that it tips from simple to boring and seems little more than an exceptionally expensive red t-shirt.

Those charges are lessened somewhat when considering the more expensive player edition of the shirt, which as with other Nike kits will have a subtle patterning that adds some detail and appeal to Liverpool’s new home outfit.

For the fan edition of the 2022-23 home kit, though, they might carry a little more weight. Still, every year there’s a large section of the Liverpool fanbase asking why the club can’t give them a clean red shirt. This year they have.

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