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Klopp Talk: “Really Happy With the Impact of Subs”

The boss discusses power subs and the victories they (so often) help create.

Liverpool v Everton - Premier League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

The Merseyside derby this weekend ended exactly how it should: with a bunch of fights and time-wasting, an Origi goal, and Liverpool winning all three points on offer. We probably won’t ever get sick of talking about Divock Origi and the impact he has has a sub, and after this weekend’s match, the boss is right there with us.

“He’s a legend on and off the pitch, I have to say,” Klopp said after the game ended. “That’s how it is. He is a fantastic footballer, for me, and I know that sounds ridiculous because I don’t line him up often. He is a world-class striker, he is our best finisher, definitely; he always was and everybody would say the same. When you see him doing these kinds of things in training and then he is not in the squad because of the quality of the other players, that is really hard. I can imagine today again, other players were not in the squad, they are in a really good shape, they are really hard decisions to make because the boys all want to contribute and all are responsible for the situation we are in. Div, everybody loves Div and rightly so. He was again very decisive and I’m very, very happy for him.”

“That is what substitutions should do and we are really happy with the impact this season, to be honest, when the boys come on,” Klopp added. “That is all about the right mindset, being ready. Hendo came on late but how he showed up was absolutely exceptional and then obviously Luis [Diaz] and Divock were involved in the goals – that helps most, obviously, in a football game, especially when you play against such a low block.”

The fact that Liverpool have the luxury of impactful subs is making all the difference as we get closer and closer to a potential quadruple.

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