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Journey Hunters Rejoice, It Doesn’t Get More Exciting Than This Month

Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool is here for the journey. Get in and enjoy the ride.

Liverpool Training Session Photo by Nick Taylor/Liverpool FC/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

It is April and the quadruple is still on.

That is an incredible statement in and of itself, although it barely scratches the surface of the already long journey, incredible football, and a fair bit of good fortune that it has taken just to get to this point.

As it stands, we could end the season with four trophies.

Or just one.

At this point, a solitary League Cup would feel like a disappointment, but it shouldn’t. We, as supporters of Liverpool Football Club have been on an incredible journey so far. There are no guarantees in football, but now, at the business end of the season, Liverpool have put themselves in the last eight of the Champions League, the last four of the FA Cup, and (effectively) the last two of the Premier League.

We should enjoy the journey, wherever it takes us. This is a sentiment that Jurgen Klopp very much shares.

“I’d have to check but I’m pretty sure it was the start of the campaign when I wrote about a comment I’d heard from a supporter which I really liked,” Kloppo said in his matchday program letter to the fans.

“It was that the phrase ‘glory hunter’ can often be tagged to those drawn to following certain clubs. The point was with Liverpool it’s different. It’s not ‘glory hunting’, it’s ‘journey hunting’. And I think this sentiment matters more today than at any point.

“It is about the journey and we are on it. This shouldn’t be twisted to suggest a specific destination either – I don’t mean a specific target.”

This all reminds me of the incredible 2017/18 season, which ended with Manchester City winning the league with 100 points, and Liverpool falling at the last hurdle with a 3-1 defeat in the Champions League final.

At the time I said that Liverpool fans had more fun losing the Champions League than City fans had winning the title. And that it was the beginning of the journey (one which would pay dividends just one year later).

I still think that is true, although with a better, more established squad, expectations have certainly grown. Whereas we would’ve been made up with a League Cup in Klopp’s first year, it would seem disappointing now.

Regardless of how many trophies are added to the cabinet at the end of the season, it’s been an incredible journey, and one that isn’t likely to be repeated any time soon (if ever).

As supporters, we need to cherish this opportunity. By the end of the month, Liverpool could be top of the Premier League, in an FA Cup final, one foot in a Champions League final, and have seen off rivals Manchester United and Everton. Or none of that. Or any combination in between.

We need to be prepared for highs, and possibly (if not probably) some lows. But we should enjoy it. An April like this has never come around before, and might not again.

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