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Steven Gerrard “Loved Every Minute” of Anfield Playing Return

The former Liverpool captain and current Aston Villa manager talked about his chance to play in the weekend’s legends game.

Liverpool Legends v Barcelona Legends: LFC Foundation Charity Match Photo by LFC Foundation/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

For much of Saturday’s legends match at Anfield, Steven Gerrard looked the best player on the pitch. At times, he looked as though he might still be able to do a job for Liverpool, at least maybe in the domestic cups.

Some of that likely had to do with most of the competition being even further from their playing days than him, but regardless it was a great chance for fans to see some Gerrard magic again.

It was also great for Gerrard to get the chance to play again in front of the fans at Anfield and with some of his former teammates.

“I couldn’t wait to get to the training centre to see everyone as you don’t see some people for a long time,” the former Liverpool captain noted. “You keep in touch with some people but we were like kids at the training centre.

“It was like we were 20 or 21 again. For a short period of time, you can behave and think like you’re a player again. That’s what I miss, so I loved every minute of it.”

In the end Liverpool’s legends team were defeated 2-1 by Barcelona’s, but Gerrard earned and converted the penalty for the Reds’ marker and regularly looked the most dangerous player when he was out on the pitch.

He also was quick to dispel any notions of awkwardness given that while he’s a former Liverpool captain, he’s also the current Aston Villa manager—and in the middle of a push to end the season in the top half.

“The first respect for me was to speak to Aston Villa about that,” Gerrard added. “Credit to them as they had no issue with it at all.

“These opportunities only come up every so often to come back. I see a bit more of [Jamie Carragher] but with the foreign lads that come over it’s a chance to mix with them, have a kick about, and do my bit for the city.”

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