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Klopp Talk: Liverpool Players Must “Write a Special Story”

The boss urged his players to push hard until the end of the season.

Brighton & Hove Albion v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

Liverpool and their fans have a huge next either weeks to look forward to, something that manager Jürgen Klopp understands well. As they push on for victories in the Premier League, Champions League, and FA Cup, the boss, who has led the team to some pretty special moments himself, has urged his players to write their own special stories.

“We want to write a special story here, not only this year but in general,” he said. “If you want to look back later in life on very successful times, you should give absolutely everything now. We have no time and no points to waste. We have to keep going, that is clear, and if there is any kind of momentum we should keep it and work with it.”

As for their league prospects, Klopp won’t commit to calling it a title race yet, refusing to raise expectations as they continue to chase Manchester City.

“We cannot call it a title race because we are still behind but we have to win football matches but everybody is excited about having the opportunity to have a title race. So far the boys did really well and why should I think we can’t go on?”

“Last season when we wanted to qualify for the Champions League, we had to win all the games in the last weeks. We found ourselves quite frequently in similar situations. I don’t know why it always happens to us. There was one year where we were champions [with games to spare]. All the others were full throttle to the end.”

Fingers crossed that all of the players remain fit and healthy and ready to keep charging onward as Liverpool fight on three fronts.

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