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Harvey Elliott’s Dad Talks Being in the Stands for First Liverpool Goal

He also dropped a tune request for Harvey’s song... and gotta say, the man has good taste in chants.

Liverpool Training Session Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

It was a good day out for Harvey Elliott at work on Sunday. He made his return to football for Liverpool FC against Cardiff City in the FA Cup, after 147 days out with a dislocated ankle and quickly reminded why everybody thought he was special with a stunning half-volley in the box. It was a proud moment for the 18-year-old, whose father Scott was in the stands to witness the moment.

In an interview with the KENN7 YouTube channel, Scott Elliott recalls the moment and the years of work leading up to it:

“It’s something we’ve always dreamt about and I’m sure Harvey has.”

“From when he was very young practicing in the garden pre-academy, he’s always been a Liverpool fan and to score in front of the Kop, can you imagine that?”

“He had a one in however many million chance of reaching that dream, it’s hard to put into words the actual feeling because it’s all a bit of a blur and it happened so quick and what he’s doing was instinctive. You’re not thinking about where you’re putting it, it’s turn and technique.”

“When the goal went in, I saw the ball come down and as the defender slipped, he’s controlled it and it was a great first touch. The way he swivelled and hit it, the balls nestled in the net.”

“My first reaction then, for a second, is to look at the linesman to see if he has his flag up and he hasn’t! Even from where we were, you could see the passion in his face and you could see how much it meant to him and what he was feeling, was what I was feeling in the stands. People don’t realise how tough the last five months have been.”

The man also dropped a cheeky request for Harvey’s song from the Kop, if and when Harvey has done enough for one:

“He would like nothing more than a song from the Kop but he’s got to earn that, you’ve got to earn it – you’re not given it. If anyone does a song from the Kop, my favourite song of all time was for Fernando Torres.”

“When you were on the Kop and you could hear: ‘We’re gonna bounce in a minute, so if anyone is out there and they’re making a song, please refer it to the Fernando one!”

Even with just a handful of appearances, we can say that Harv’s had a pretty good start towards getting that song, although I’m not quite sure “Elliott! Elliott!” has quite the same ring to it. We’ll leave that one to the fans on the Kop.

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