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Klopp Talk: The Cup was a Team Effort

Yes. Yes, it was.

Chelsea v Liverpool - Carabao Cup Final Photo by Chris Brunskill/Fantasista/Getty Images

Everyone’s probably still screaming incoherently after this weekend’s final, and for good reason. With absolutely zero allowed goals, some horrible refereeing, and keeper penalties, it was definitely an eventful few hours and a trophy that everyone on the team has at least some claim to. It definitely is a cup for the whole squad for the boss:

“Perfect would have been if we could have had more players on the teamsheet already,” Klopp told the club’s website after the match when asked if today’s match was the perfect way to win the cup. “Today I had to make a few really tough decisions and I said [to] the boys in the meeting when all the boys were in – even the boys who were not on the teamsheet – that, ‘This here is my squad. Plus – and now I have to be careful that I don’t forget anybody – Tyler Morton, who was not with us in the hotel because he’s slightly injured, Conor, Owen, Harvey from the U18s, Elijah played some minutes as well, Adrian saved us in Preston. The whole journey was absolutely outstanding. We had Adrian at Preston and then we scored the two goals.”

“Without Takumi and without Divock and the goals they scored in the competition, we would not be here,” he added. “So then we were 3-1 down against Leicester, I think most of the people wrote us off in that moment, so we came back – wonderful story, penalty shootout, won it. Then we had to change the away and the home game with Arsenal – 0-0 at home against 10 men, nobody was really positive about the second leg and we went there and won in a really nice manner.”

“We called it the people’s cup but the whole journey was a squad journey and that’s what I love most about it.”

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