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Klopp on Salah and Mané after Norwich City

The boss discusses both players after the 3-1 victory against Norwich

FC Internazionale v Liverpool FC: Round Of Sixteen Leg One - UEFA Champions League Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

A 3-1 victory over a team that’s trying its best not to be relegated is probably not too much to celebrate, but this is Liverpool and we know exactly what we should celebrate (everything), so the fact that we’re going to bask in this makes sense. After going down 1-0, Liverpool came back resplendent with goals from Mané, Salah, and Diaz—a first for him. The boss celebrated both Salah and Mané’s efforts after the match ended.

“Ah, today[‘s goal from Salah] was a really cheeky one, to be honest,” Klopp said when asked to rate his favourite of Salah’s 150 goals for the club. “I remember the Chelsea goal when he was on the side and that thunderbolt in the far corner. A few of them dribbling – one City, one Watford. The United goal I liked a lot, the 2-0, Ali’s pass as well. Champions League, one at City as well – not because it’s City but it was very, very special. I can probably not remember all 150 but I can remember a lot and there were some good goals. The first one I think was at Watford, that was the easiest goal maybe he scored since he was here. If Luis would use the first goal for a similar journey, it would be cool! Nobody could have expected that day when he scored at Watford that in this short period of time it would be possible for him to score 149 more. Really special.”

“Sad’s goal record is absolutely insane as well and the goal he scored today maybe shows the whole range of the things he can do,” Klopp added about Mané’s goal and his legacy at Liverpool. “He helped the team today massively with first playing in the centre, then going back to the left wing, then being in the right moment in the centre, then doing a bicycle kick. Sadio has more than 100 goals as well. He is a world-class striker wherever he will play: left wing, right wing, centre. He is a world-class striker and yes, it’s really helpful to have him here.”

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