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Rumour Mongering: Dubai Group Considers £4B-Plus Liverpool Bid

A consortium that previously failed to show they could fund a £3B purchase is said to be interested in making a second run at buying the club.

Liverpool FC v West Ham United - Premier League Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Liverpool Football Club, or at least a portion of it, is up for sale. Fenway Sports Group may seek a minority sale that would see the Boston-based ownership group recoup their initial £300M-plus investment while retaining control—or they could divest entirely.

At this point, little is clear beyond that the ownership structure of the club is expected to soon change. Into that uncertainty we are going to inevitably see stories and speculation not dissimilar to transfer rumours, and today brings us exactly that out of the Middle East.

According to Arabian Business, a group from Dubai that previously showed interest in purchasing Liverpool for more than £3B but failed to prove to FSG that they could secure that kind of funding is now mulling a second and even higher bid for the club.

Given the failure of the unidentified group’s first bid, we are skeptical, but it speaks to the kind of territory we are entering with Liverpool being at least partially up for sale—namely that there aren’t very many people who can justify making a £4B-plus investment.

FSG bought Liverpool seeing a depreciated asset they could turn a large profit on in the future, and the club’s value has grown ten fold in their time in charge. It is quite difficult to imagine that value growing ten-fold again over the next ten or fifteen years.

Realistically, that would seem to limit a full sale of the club to groups that see value in owning Liverpool beyond turning profit—and certainly beyond the football or the history of the club. For now, then, Liverpool fans will wait slightly nervously for the story to develop.

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