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Klopp Talk: “This Tie Speaks For Itself”

Klopp weighs in on Liverpool’s inevitable draw with Real Madrid in the Champions League.

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UEFA Champions League 2022/23 Round of 16 Draw Photo by Kristian Skeie UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images

When Liverpool finished as runners up, and therefore unseeded, in their Champions League group, most Reds’ fans knew with the prescience of Nostradamus that they would be drawn against Real Madrid in the Round of 16.

Unsurprisingly, that was, in fact, their fate to once again square off against the Madrid team that have now beat them in two European finals over the last five years.

But hey, law of averages says we’ve gotta get one eventually, right?

Jürgen Klopp acknowledged the importance of the draw, and also commented on the fact that his team will have two games this time to try and come out on top.

“I know we have played Real Madrid in a couple of recent finals but it is not so often that our two clubs have met in a two-legged tie so now we can look forward to this happening,” Klopp said.

“Real’s European record is the best around. We know this. But we also know that ours is not too bad. On top of this, we know that we have Anfield and everyone knows what this means.”

That’s a call to action for the Kop to do their job when the Spanish giants come to town.

“It is a really good draw. A really exciting draw,” he continued. “The games themselves are still a few months away but it does not take a great deal of imagination to think what the atmosphere will be like at both games.”

That atmosphere won’t take place until February after the World Cup and plenty more league football. It will be interesting to see where the team is at that point and what this tie will represent for their season.

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