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Robertson: After World Cup They Need To “Fight Like [Their] Lives Depend On It”

The defender knows that Liverpool have an uphill battle ahead of them in the Premier League.

Liverpool FC v Southampton FC - Premier League Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

One of the most entertaining parts of the last handful of seasons is watching the friendly assists battle between Liverpool fullbacks Andy Robertson and Trent Alexander-Arnold. However, after the difficult start to this season, Robertson said that the rivalry is on hold while they focus on coming together as a team.

“We discussed it but this season obviously hasn’t gone to plan in terms of the results we’ve had, so I think for us and for the whole team it’s just about trying to the back to basics now,” Robertson said.

“Of course we still have friendly competitions in training every day but I think more importantly, both of us just want to try and help the team keep clean sheets because we know that if we do that then we’ve done our job and the lads can react off that. It’s nice to have that healthy competition but in some moments it’s not the time for that and it’s all about results just now.”

And how do they get the consistent results that they need? Robertson was pretty clear on that as well.

“After Christmas we have to do the only thing we know and fight for everything as if our lives depend on it and see if we can start climbing that Premier League table,” he declared. “We’ve always fought for everything that we have got and that will be no different this season. Yes, it’s not been a great start but it can always turn around. There are enough games on our side to do that.”

Robertson is unfortunately one of the Liverpool internationals who will miss out on the World Cup, because Scotland did not qualify. He’ll be watching just like the rest of us as his teammates go off for six weeks, hoping that they all come back uninjured and ready to continue the season.

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