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Alexander-Arnold On Chemistry With Salah: “It Just Comes Naturally”

Liverpool’s star right-back believes he and his Egyptian teammate have developed a strong partnership because they understand each other and communicate well.

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Chelsea v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

Trent Alexander-Arnold and Mohamed Salah have become one of the most dangerous attacking duos in world football over the last few years. Liverpool’s right-back and right-winger have formed a very dangerous partnership that has made them arguably the best in the world at their respective roles.

The two clearly work very well together and can interchange seamlessly on the right side of the pitch to wreak havoc on defenders. According to Alexander-Arnold, that chemistry is the natural result of their communication and desire to create as many chances as possible.

“It just happens naturally,” Alexander-Arnold said in a recent interview with The Athletic. “It depends on the opposition, too. We are able to identify weaknesses and weak points in our opposition, so throughout the game, we might talk about what will work.

“I might say, ‘Stay inside and drag their full-back in as much as you can and leave the space on the outside for me’. Or he might be wider and I’m inside. We just have to identify what it is we can do to hurt the opposition and we adapt to that in-game.”

What really allows the duo to provide such a threat to their opponents is their willingness to give each other freedom to adjust to the game around them and then work together to make sure their adjustments complement each other.

“Our relationship is very natural,” said Alexander-Arnold. “We both try to allow each other to play our own game. I will give him the ball and if he is in and around the box I will leave him to it. He will go and express himself, go and do something special. He will do the same for me.

“There is no moaning or arguments. We are two players who understand that we like making things happen, we like to take risks, and want to be involved in as many goals as we can so we try to allow each other to do that.”

While Salah and Alexander-Arnold have been prolific in the past, their partnership has reached new heights this season, and it’s not hard to see that in the number of goals they have scored and assisted. According to the English fullback, that progression is thanks to a growing understanding of signals and body language between the pair.

“He is always willing to run. He is quite smart with his movement and his signals. This season we have both understood each other’s signals and body shape a lot more.

“I have an understanding of where and how he wants the ball. The signals he gives me… I can’t really go into the signals because the left-backs will be onto them. But there are definitely signals he does which indicate where he wants the ball. It is about making sure I read them and am able to execute those passes.”

It’s safe to say that more often than not, Trent is able to execute those passes. He has nine Premier League assists this season (tied with Salah for most in the league) and has 12 in all competitions in his 22 total appearances.

While there have been some disappointments for the Reds this season, they are still one of the most prolific attacking teams in football. That is thanks, in large part, to the impressive partnership that Trent Alexander-Arnold and Mohamed Salah have created, and it does not look like they will slow down anytime in the near future.

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