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Former Greek Manager Talks Kostas Tsimikas and His Future at Liverpool

He doesn’t say anything about his eyebags, though.


It’s been great to watch Kostas Tsimikas’ find his place on the team this season (and not just because of the excellent eyebag representation every time he’s on camera). Per former Greece assistant manager and Bolton Wanderers winger, Stelios Giannakopoulos, that’s absolutely expected and everyone should get ready to see more magic from the left-back

“I’m not surprised by Kostas’ start to the season,” Stelios Giannakopoulos told the ECHO in an exclusive interview. “I knew from the beginning that Kostas was going to make it because he has a big heart and he has determination. He has got potential and this is what I like about him. He is willing to work hard in order to get better and better every day and in every game.”

The fact that Tsimikas is up against Andy Robertson for playing time isn’t something that Giannakopoulos believes he will have issues with.

Liverpool made a fantastic choice offering him the contract because they saw, in a very small period of time, that they could rely on the talent of Kostas,” Giannakopoulos said. “They could obviously spot his qualities. I think this year is going to be Kostas’ year. Don’t forget he has to compete with Robertson. He is a fantastic player too and it is healthy competition between two very good players. It only has benefits for the club.

“Both players are pushing each other for the first team spot and that is a big benefit for Klopp and the club as well because they give their everything in the training and in the games to show they deserve to play. That is very healthy and very good for the club.

“He has more potential to give as well. I think that the things Kostas is doing with Liverpool now is only the beginning. He has a lot more to offer to the club.”

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