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The Most Famous Ballboy in Liverpool History Signs First Pro Contract

Oakley Cannonier of corner taken quickly fame has signed his first professional contract.

Liverpool v Burnley: U18 Premier League Photo by Nick Taylor/Liverpool FC/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Normally, when a Liverpool youth player signs their first professional contract with the club it’s news that would rather fly under the radar for most fans.

Given how long of a shot it is for even a player at that stage in their career to make it as a top flight footballer, and given if they do it’s likely to be years down the road before they’re getting first team minutes, that’s only natural.

Things change a little when that youth player is the most famous ballboy in the history of Liverpool Football Club. And maybe in all of football. We’re not quite sure about the latter, if we’re being honest, but it’s kinda fun to think that might be the case.

Regardless, Liverpool have signed 17-year-old forward Oakley Cannonier to his first pro deal today, and whether ever does develop into a regular he’s a name that many will remember for his role in 2019’s Champions League semi-final comeback against Barcelona.

In case you need reminding, Cannonier was the ballboy who acted quickly to get a fresh ball to Trent Alexander-Arnold after the right back earned a corner. And then Trent took the corner quickly. And then Divock Origi scored.

So. Yeah. Not gonna lie, we might mostly be looking for an excuse to run video of that 4-0 victory and Trent’s corner taken quickly. Because we’re pretty much always looking for an excuse to do that.

But also best of luck to young Cannonier as he looks to take the next step as an, as of now, professional Liverpool player.

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