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Sadio Mane Thinks the Team Mentality Is “Top, Top, Top”

The Liverpool star feels close to the squad and is ready for the new season.

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Liverpool Pre-Season Training Session Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Sadio Mane has enjoyed the “longest holiday of his Liverpool career” so far, and is now geared up for the new season. Speaking to he described his frame of mind as preparation for the 2021-22 season are underway.

On the importance of an extended break:

“I think it’s always important as a player to have a break because I can say since I came to Liverpool this was the first time I have had four weeks or more holidays, so I think that sometimes helps a lot.

“I could see from day one that everybody was looking sharp, which for me was unbelievable! I am not complaining about having one week or two weeks’ holiday, but I think it’s always extra [helpful] for us to have this long period of holiday.

“At the same time we have been working in individual training [during the summer], which is also important because you could see from day one that everybody was looking sharp and ready to go for the new season.”

On his pre-season priorities:

“Obviously I think first of all in pre-season you always want to be [working] on the physicality. And then after, being clinical for sure and as a striker you always want to score. You always have to practise a lot to score. As well you have to be mentally ready because we know how the season is, sometimes you use just the mentality.

But I think we have a really good spirit in the team and the mentality is top, top, top – you can see. I think it will be a very interesting season for us and I’m looking forward to it.”

On having Virgil, Joe, and Joel back in training:

“I think not only me, I think everybody [is excited]! As a player we all become like fans because if you see your teammate getting back in training and fit, you just say, ‘Wow!’ When I see Virgil, Joe and Joel, after every training session I say, ‘My friend, how are you feeling?’ because I think to have everybody back in the team is just incredible. Because we know what they are capable of doing for the team and for us the most important thing is the team, so having those players fit, 100 per cent – I think you can always see the smiles of the boys and say: ‘Wow, what a season it’s going to be for us again.’

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