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Liverpool and English Six Agree Super League Settlement with Premier League

The six breakaway clubs will pay around £3.5M each while agreeing more significant punishments should they make another attempt.

The Club Badges of the 12 European Super League teams Photo by Visionhaus/Getty Images

While some dreams of a Super League might linger on today in Madrid and Barcelona and Turin, for all intents and purposes Europe’s closed breakaway football league is dead, and today the Premier League and English Six appear to have put a line under that fact by agreeing a settlement on the matter.

According to multiple sources, each of the six clubs—Liverpool, Manchester United, Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Man City—will pay a fine of around £3.5M. It’s a sum similar to one the clubs have agreed to pay out to UEFA, though UEFA’s will come out of future broadcast revenue and the domestic fine will be paid up front.

As part of paying the fine, the clubs will also commit to not seeking to revive the Super League or undertaking a similar breakaway effort in the future—while accepting that if they do, the next time around the fine would be £20M and it would come with a massive 30-point deduction for any clubs trying it.

There are also plans to form a new Premier League constitution that would formally bar efforts by to form a league outside the remit of European football’s governing bodies. For Liverpool’s part, following from discussions with fan group Spirit of Shankly the owners have committed to covering the fine rather than having the club pay it.

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