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Klopp Talk: “I’ve Learned A Lot This Season”

The gaffer also gave updates on injuries ahead of the weekend game.

Liverpool Training Session Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Ahead of Saturday’s Premier League game against Southampton, Jurgen Klopp provided comments on the team’s status in his presser, as well as his views on the events at Old Trafford last weekend.

On the fan protests at Old Trafford that delayed the Liverpool vs. Manchester United fixture:

“We saw a few pictures, watched a little bit of telly to get an idea of what’s going on. Was I surprised these kind of things happened? No, I’m an absolute believer in democracy. When the pundits were asking for protests, I said we need to be careful and calm down. I heard some policeman got injured and that should not happen.”

“To tell the world what you think, that’s completely fine, as long as it’s completely peaceful. As far as I can tell, it was not completely peaceful. After that, then it was not right any more.”

“I have sympathy for them but it’s not good for us either. I would have preferred to play the game last week. But nothing to complain about, it’s just the situation.”

On the team’s injury situation:

“Most of the time in my career I’ve not been the champion, I’ve learned a lot this season and the players too. The plan is that we use our new experience for the future.”

“The injury situation, nothing really new. We have a few bumps and bruises, so late decisions – we have to make late decisions in a few positions until tomorrow.

How is Hendo?

“Hendo, while I am sitting here Hendo is running outside, that’s what I can say. Nothing else. He was not in team training yet and that’s it pretty much.”

But Big Nat is okay?

“Yes, yes, the week helped him for sure. Absolutely. Yes, he was fit yesterday.”

Well, then up the Reds against Southampton!

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