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Klopp Downplays Liverpool Transfer Ambitions

As ever, he wants things to be “affordable”.

Burnley v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Ah, yes. It’s the last day of the season. The football at Liverpool is winding down for another year, and this means only one thing: TransferSZN.

Everyone likes to tell tall tales of Kylian Mbappé, Jadon Sancho, or whoever’s flavour of the month. Inevitably, Jürgen Klopp responds by downplaying the talk of big arrivals coming in. Once again, he’s doing it this year.

“Whatever we do, or not do, in the next transfer window, for sure we’ll not use it as any kind of excuse,” This Is Anfield report the Liverpool manager as saying.

“We did what we did in the past with the way we did it; when there was money, we spent it, when there was no money, we didn’t spend it.

“Here we are. That’s how it is. Yes, I’m very happy with my squad. Very, very happy.

“Could this squad improve? Yes, like each squad could. Is that affordable? I don’t know. Is it necessary? I don’t know.

“Whatever happens, we will see. I don’t know in this moment, to be honest. We have to make decisions, in and out. It’s normal in the summer.

“But there’s a moment in the pre-season where I hope then we have the team together that will go through the season, and that moment we work on that.

“We are able to be a really uncomfortable opponent, that’s the most important thing.

“We might not be the best team in the world at the start of the season, but we want to be again the team who nobody wants to play against because we are that good. I think that’s possible.

“I really think my responsibility is to improve the team without signings as well.

“Our players are all high-quality players, we have everything: experience, we have players in the best age and we have youth.

“So that’s good, and that’s my main focus in the moment. The rest, really, we have to see. But whatever clubs are doing will not influence our business, for sure not.”

Look, Liverpool will sign good players and improve the quality of the side as best they can with the money available. Unfortunately, that money is not infinite. Expect players to come in, but don’t expect Maradona.

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