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Thiago Talks About That Goal

The consensus on the team is that it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person.

West Bromwich Albion v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Every Red is going to be talking about Alisson’s goal for the foreseeable future and who can blame us? We’re already an incredibly dramatic club, and then you give us the first goalkeeper in the club’s history to score — and it’s a 95th-minute header to get us our desperately needed three points? Yeah. We’re never shutting up about it. Thiago, much like the rest of us, is utterly enamoured with everything about the goal, the man, and the absolute drama of it all.

“We have to watch and re-watch that goal because it’s so emotional for us, not just for our Champions League chances but for Alli with what he has been through this year, so we are so happy for him,” Thiago said after the game. “He’s a beloved teammate for all of us. He has faced it with a strength I have never seen in my life.”

“I’ve been in many great teams with many great forwards but I’ve never seen the quality and timing of the header from Alli, the cross was amazing as well, everything was great. I have never seen anything like that — we have watched goalkeepers score these kinds of goals but never seen it for myself. Happy with our performance but so happy for him.”

“[The goal is] very important because we are fighting for top four and secondly because of him, he’s a great guy so important to us and it’s been a tough year for him so we’re happy for him,” Thiago added.

The next game Liverpool play will be against Burnley, a team that we would prefer to never play ever again, followed by our final game against Roy Hodgson’s Crystal Palace, a team that we would also prefer never to play ever again. Let’s hope that the magic of Alisson’s goal carries forward and makes those games slightly less painful.

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