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Thiago: We Were the Best Version of Us in the Second Half

The midfielder was full of praise for his teammates.

Manchester United v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Matthew Peters/Manchester United via Getty Images

In last night’s sensational display against Manchester United, there were a number of standout performances. One of them was by Thiago Alcantara. And his post-match feelings about the game conveyed the general air of positivity.

“We faced a strong team, they are playing amazing this season and I think for most of the second half we [were] the best version of us”, he said.

“It was not so comfortable in the first half but we were very effective towards the goal. In the second, I think we dominated more, we created more chances and we could have scored even more goals than we scored.”

Partnering Fabinho in midfield brought out Thiago’s best game, and the duo have been praised by all.

“It brings the best from all of us having Fab in the middle. He controls the tempo while we don’t have the ball as well, he closes that gap we need when he’s there. He’s very important for all of us”, Thiago emphasized.

He was also full of praise for brace-scorer Bobby Firmino, calling him “a very important player for us”.

“I think he’s the least-selfish striker I’ve ever seen in my life because he always tries to reach the best option for his teammates, but also he’s a great goalscorer”, he added.

“I think the most important message that we have to have now for us, for the fans, for our families, for everybody from the Liverpool side is that we have a final on Sunday. That’s the most important message that we have to give.”

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