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Klopp Talk: Winning All Four Games May Be Enough

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The boss talks about how the team can still finish in the top four.

Liverpool v Southampton - Premier League Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images

There are four games left in the season, including the rescheduled Manchester United game, and Liverpool have to do everything they can to even hope for a top four finish. The boss agrees that there’s little to do now beyond winning games and hoping both Leicester and Chelsea drop points:

“Keeping our fingers crossed? I’m not sure if that helps!” he said to the club’s official website after yesterday’s win against Southampton. “We have to win football games – and if we win all four it could be enough. I didn’t really think it through, to be honest, but winning four games is pretty much the only chance we have, so that’s what we should try. It will be difficult but we will try it anyway.”

“What that means for our top-four hopes? That they’re still alive. That’s all, nothing else. It’s nothing to do with confidence or whatever. Our situation changed slightly but only for us, for the other teams not too much because they are still in a better position and we know that. The only thing we can do is [keep] winning our games but that’s really tough because we play Manchester United on Thursday and that’s historically not easy – but we will give it a try.”

Giving it a try sounds good. Honestly, a top four finish would be excellent after the season we’ve had and somehow missing out on that isn’t the end of the world. There’s always next season, after all.