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Jürgen Klopp Will Not Replace Joachim Löw as Germany Manager

Following news Löw intends to step down as national team manager in the summer, Klopp was asked about his future.


Liverpool are struggling through their worst run of extended form in at least a decade, in the midst of a crippling injury crisis and set to the background of a global pandemic that means there are no fans in the stands and has left the players and coaches isolated.

Meanwhile, earlier today news broke in Germany that national team manager Joachim Löw would be stepping down following the Euros. The obvious question, then, is what it might mean for Jürgen Klopp, and if he might consider moving on from the Reds.

“Am I available for the job in the summer?” Klopp responded when asked about the newly announced vacancy with the German National Team. “No. Somebody else will do it, and with the number of good German managers I am sure they will find a good solution.”

While the club retain full faith in the manager who brought the Reds their sixth European Cup and historic first league title of the Premier League era, there has always been something of a belief that longer term Klopp will eventually manage his national team.

Given the current struggles at Liverpool, then, it’s perhaps natural that people would wonder if he might leave earlier than previously intended. Klopp, though, left little room for doubt regarding his intentions, reiterating that he intends to stay with the Reds.

“No, I will not be available as a potential coach of the German national team in the summer or after the summer,” the manager added. “I still have three years at Liverpool then. It’s a simple situation.”

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