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Klopp: “Qualifying for the CL was Always for Financial Reasons”

Blood, guts, and the balance at the botto of the excel spreadsheet.

Liverpool Training Session Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Liverpool FC is somehow, someway, still in the fight for fourth place. They can improve their position with a win at home, where they have inconceivably lost four straight (and winless in six), against fifth-placed Chelsea tomorrow. The financial implications of the modern game has never been clearer than during this period, with clubs’ revenues getting hit badly by the coronavirus pandemic. Jürgen Klopp however, made it clear that he isn’t being pressured by the owners to make the top four at all costs:

We all understand this situation - that’s it pretty much. It’s not that the owners called me and said “if you don’t qualify for the Champions League then this or that will happen” because we are all in this situation together, we all understand.

The main reason for qualifying for the Champions League was always for financial reasons. For the club, it’s about- about finances and this year is no different. Of course, it will be very important. absolutely.

But that it is so important cannot change things. I hope people still see that we do our absolute best and try absolutely everything to make it happen.

Of course, not making top four will come with consequences. Your Mbappe fever dream? That’s definitely over. It’s somewhat fitting that this match will take place against Chelsea, who pipped Liverpool to Timo “COME AND GET ME” Werner over the summer due to the financial package they could offer.

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