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Caoimhin Kelleher on Watching Masterchef and Being Just Another Normal Guy

The young goalkeeper gave us a glimpse of his personality beyond the pitch.

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Liverpool Training Session Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

22-year old Irish goalkeeper Caoimhin Kelleher spoke to today about his life, career and more. In the wake of Alisson’s injury troubles, he has moved up the pecking order, displacing Adrian as Liverpool’s #2 choice to guard the goalposts.

“I think it came at the perfect time for me when I was fully ready and able to take my chance. I’m looking forward,” Kelleher said.

Ahead of games, he embodies a similar calm and collected approach to the game, similar to Alisson.

“I just play some nice chilled-out music and just try to be relaxed and ready for the game.

“If you’re calm and composed, it gives that confidence throughout the team that they all trust you. Because you’re the goalie, everyone has to trust you and have full confidence in you.”

And he has a bunch of other interests too - something you rarely hear from footballers, who appear to devote all their time to honing their footballing personality.

“I like to watch Masterchef, I’ve been watching that lately,” he said. “I actually love it, to be honest. I just binge-watch it all the time. I can’t cook the best either, so I try to get some tips off that.

“I do love football and I surround myself with it a lot of the time – whether that’s going training, then coming home and maybe watching football. I am a bit like that, but I also like to just chill out as well and take my mind away from it.

“When we’re allowed, I like to go out and play a bit of golf and just go to the cinema, go out for some food – just normal stuff like that.”

Delightful stuff! He also has the characteristic Jurgen Klopp ethos of humility - “I think I’m just normal. I’m normal, same as all the other lads really.” We’ve definitely heard that before.

“The group is just down-to-earth, humble guys. That’s why we all gel together so well,” he added.

“I’ll probably be one of the quieter ones, I’ve always been a quieter one, but I get on well with all of the lads, we’ve good craic between all of us. I really enjoy my time in the dressing room.”

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