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Klopp On Germany Job: “The Timing Is Not Right”

The German manager has reiterated his plans to finish his Liverpool contract and then take a deserved break.

Aston Villa v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Peter Powell - Pool/Getty Images

Jürgen Klopp has once again committed to seeing out his current Liverpool contract and then taking a full year off before considering other managerial roles. Klopp has said this numerous times in many different ways in recent years, but that hasn’t stopped speculation that he may want to take over for Joachim Löw as manager of the German Men’s National Team after this summer’s European Championship.

Liverpool’s German manager would seem to be an ideal candidate for the role, but he recently made it clear he has no plans to leave Liverpool before the end of his contract. He’s now provided some more context on the matter and his plans for the next few years.

“I’m sorry that we can’t keep it simmering a little longer,” joked Klopp about the rumors that seemingly won’t go away. “The important thing is, I didn’t say that I didn’t want to become a national coach, but that I cannot. That’s a huge difference.”

While the Germany job understandably holds some appeal to Klopp, he wouldn’t feel right leaving the club and the people he feels an obligation to, especially when Liverpool are in the midst of perhaps the most challenging period of the manager's tenure.

“This is my sixth year at Liverpool, and I’ve built an incredible relationship here with people I work with on a daily basis. We rely on each other. Right now, in such a difficult phase, to say from my side: I’ll be gone then? That will not do.”

Klopp takes his role and the responsibilities that come with it very seriously, and he won’t abandon his post no matter how difficult things are at the moment or how enticing a potential job offer might be.

“And there is no way to say: ‘Oh, national coach, that would be an interesting job.’ That would be a great honor without question, but the timing is not right. I can’t. I am very sorry if I’ve let people down with it, but I can’t just step out of my responsibilities.”

There are 3 more years on Klopp’s contract, and he plans to see it through to the end. As for what will come next, all he knows is there will be a break. And unlike when he cut his planned year off short when Liverpool called in 2015, he plans to really take the full year next time.

“When Liverpool ends, there will definitely be a year off. Nobody needs to call. Not after four months and not after six either. No matter who tries it: it’s a year shift.”

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