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Klopp Talk: “Difficult Situations Always Fired Me Up”

The Liverpool manager says he’s fired up by the challenge of getting the season back on track.

Liverpool Training Session Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

For Liverpool, it’s now been two months of struggle on the pitch. The reasons are obvious and valid: the lengthy injury list, the lack of fans, the mental fatigue of playing in the midst of a pandemic and the physical fatigue of a compressed schedule.

Valid or not, though, their recent poor run has still been difficult to watch—more difficult perhaps for the fact that while Liverpool haven’t been at their best, they’ve been better than their results. Jürgen Klopp, though, insists he isn’t feeling beaten down.

“Difficult situations always fired me up rather than the other way around,” Klopp said. “It’s clear to say winning game after game after game is nicer, absolutely. But this is a different time, this is a different season for us obviously for plenty of reasons.

“We have to fight through this and we will do that. There’s no doubt about that. Maybe the important message in this moment: we are still Liverpool. You cannot only be Liverpool on a day when you win 20 games in a row or don’t lose home games for ages.”

If they want to be a Liverpool that finishes top four, though, they need to get back to being a side that wins, if not 20 games in a row, at least more often than not. And they need to do it quickly, starting today against relegation favourites Sheffield United.

“We are still Liverpool,” the manager reiterated. “That’s exactly what I know and what I live. That’s what gives me energy. I’m not here for only big celebrations and stuff like this, I’m here for doing the work—the dirty work, the hard work, no problems.”

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