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Parade to Celebrate 19-20 Premier League Title This Summer “Unlikely”

COVID-19 appears to have robbed Kopites of a chance to properly celebrate Liverpool’s drought-ending domestic title.

Liverpool Parade to Celebrate Winning UEFA Champions League Photo by Nick Taylor/Liverpool FC/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

When Liverpool FC won their first Premier League title last summer, they did so in an empty stadium thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. For obvious reasons, they couldn’t hold the traditional title celebration parade at the time, but Liverpool CEO Peter Moore promised that the club would throw a parade so the fans could have their long-awaited, deserved celebration as soon as the pandemic relented and the event could happen safely.

At the time, it seemed as though that would be just a few months away. Maybe it would take place during the next season, but Liverpool would surely still be defending champions, so why wouldn’t the parade take place?

Unfortunately, the anticipated relenting of COVID-19 has not yet happened, and while there are positive signs that we are heading towards a return to normality, there is doubt that a parade to celebrate Liverpool’s historic title will ever materialize.

COVID-19 restrictions on social distancing and large gatherings in the United Kingdom are set to be lifted in June, but by that time there will be a new Premier League champion. o many, it would seem odd to throw a parade for winning a title that has already been claimed by another club.

According to the Liverpool Echo, sources from Liverpool FC and the Liverpool city council suggest that support for a parade is dwindling by the day because of this very thought. As one source put it, “How do you have a parade when someone else are champions?”

Manager Jürgen Klopp has a slightly rosier view of the parade situation, saying that he’ll be ready to go when the moment arrives, but even he doesn’t have much optimism that he’ll be drinking atop a bus surrounded by hundreds of thousands of fans this summer.

“When it’s right to look forward to it [a parade] I will be on fire - but that’s not the moment,” admitted Klopp. “If it’ll be possible to celebrate with 600-800,000 fans in the street in summer?”

“I don’t see that. Maybe I’m not positive enough.”

Whether a parade is ultimately in the cards or not, it’s hard to not feel like COVID has robbed Liverpool fans of a chance to hold the celebration they so rightly deserved. A parade so long after the title was actually won won’t carry the same weight as one that had happened shortly after the triumph. It would feel especially strange knowing that a new champion has already been crowned.

While missing out on a parade can feel fairly inconsequential when compared to who and what so many people have lost in the last year, it’s okay, and even important perhaps, to not let that prevent yourself from expressing the sadness so many are feeling in regards to Liverpool’s lost parade. It was something that people have been looking forward to for a very long time, and they deserved to see and live it.

The players earned it. The manager earned it. The trainers, physios, front office staff, and the rest of the support staff earned it. The supporters earned it. And it’s a damn none of us will ever get the celebration that we all deserved.

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