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Klopp Talk: Games Like Leicester “Don’t Happen A Lot”

This weekend’s 3-1 defeat was flabbergasting. The Boss weighs in on the loss.

Fans Leave Messages Of Support For Jurgen Klopp Outside Anfield Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Liverpool aren’t doing great. This weekend’s game is something we’ll hopefully learn from and then put far, far behind us. For Jurgen Klopp, the post-match lessons learned dialogue is becoming worryingly familiar and understandably frustrating. When asked about the tide of the game turning with VAR handing Leicester the equaliser and whether or not games often turned like this, Klopp had this to say:

“It doesn’t happen a lot, but it can happen,” he told the club’s website. “We had it the other way around as well; you can change a game in that situation. As I said, the two goals we conceded obviously had a massive impact and for human beings that’s normal, but for us we don’t accept that – we have to react differently.”

All three of Leicester’s goals came after the 78th minute, and after VAR ruled that Maddison was onside. Liverpool struggled mentally after that, and the results speak for themselves.

“When you concede that goal and then the next situation is an easy one… With the first goal Leicester scored, obviously they had like a mood lift because until then Leicester were not in the game, really – they couldn’t play their game for a second,” Klopp added. “But then they get this present and then we make another present and they are 2-1 up and then the third one. That’s what I don’t like. No, it doesn’t happen a lot, so I didn’t experience it a lot, but it can happen and has happened before.”

The goal at this point is to not have it happen again. Liverpool need finish in the top four this season to remain competitive in the transfer market in the summer, and the next few games—including the Merseyside Derby next weekend—are going to be crucial to make that happen.

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