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Klopp Backs Alisson to Rebound Against Leicester City

The German manager is not dwelling on Alisson’s mistakes versus Manchester City.


When Liverpool played league leaders Machester City last weekend, Alisson Becker uncharacteristically made two errors that led directly to goals. It was the biggest talking point from the match, and it was still one of the biggest talking points when Jürgen Klopp spoke to the press today.

Klopp confirmed that he did speak with Alisson about his gaffes, but he also downplayed their significance by pointing out that goalkeepers, even ones of Alisson’s quality, make mistakes.

“Oh we had, of course, a little talk,” said Klopp. “If it’s then about encouragement or whatever, I don’t know. It’s just a little talk and he was not happy that it happened, of course.”

“But it’s very important to realize in a moment like this, goalkeepers in a long career, they make mistakes. For a goalkeeper of the quality of Alisson Becker, it’s pretty rare that he makes this kind of mistake and that he makes two of them in one game, that’s clear as well. “

The manager also pointed out that keepers are usually harder on themselves than anyone else, but they are used to having to put mistakes behind them and focus on the next attack rather than dwell on the previous one.

“But on top of that, goalkeepers are used to making mistakes,” Klopp said. “It means they have to stay in the game, they concede a goal and they know maybe earlier than all the rest of the world, ‘I should have saved it.’”

While the Brazilian keeper received criticism from all sides for his Manchester City performance, Klopp made it clear that didn’t happen in the Liverpool dressing room. Klopp’s boys know Alisson’s quality, and they know he will bounce back.

“There was absolutely no real criticism from our side, from the boys, from the players around him, because everybody knows how good he is. He’s a very calm person.”

“And now the next game is coming up and that’s good so he can play his normal level again and then everything will be fine.”

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