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“They Push Each Other”, Jurgen Klopp Praises His Squad’s “Outstanding Mindset”

The gaffer expressed measured appreciation for his squad’s drive, but conceded that good results are not always guaranteed.

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Liverpool v Southampton - Premier League Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Liverpool emerged from a busy week with three wins in three games. And Jurgen Klopp gave credit to the players for making it all happen.

“The things that happened to this team in the last few years were special and that’s mostly because of the outstanding mindset and mentality of the boys”, he said.

“They push each other, which is absolutely helpful.”

A number of factors have contributed to the team’s good form this season. Other than the return of senior center-backs from injury, a thorough pre-season also helped, according to Klopp.

“This year we had a pre-season that was a proper pre-season, which was incredibly helpful.

“Especially up front with Sadio and Mo, they had the longest pre-season I’m pretty sure they had for ages and that was helpful. So we could really work on a lot of things and found the stability back.”

Despite the recent run of form, he conceded that the goals will not always pour in, and he is fine with that as long as the team keeps winning.

“We have to be as stable, serious, ruthless defensively as somehow possible. That gives us then the platform to play football and then we can create and then we can score. It will not be forever like this that we score two goals per game but it happened so far. So, good. But if we win a game 1-0 then I’m happy as well.”

And thing weren’t great a couple of weeks ago.

“We didn’t only lose at West Ham, we drew two games before as well if I am right. So, all of a sudden, we were in a bad moment.

Now we look like we are in a better moment, [but] the season is too long to think about these kind of things. We are able to play good football so we have to force ourselves to do it always.”

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