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Klopp Discusses Defensive Improvements after Brighton Draw

The boss is understandably not pleased with how the game went.

Liverpool v Brighton & Hove Albion - Premier League Photo by James Gill - Danehouse/Getty Images

You can’t win them all. The Brighton game ended less terribly than it could have: a 2-2 draw at home after the team was up 2-0. Liverpool made enough mistakes defensively that the boss had a lot to say about what the Reds need to improve.

“There are different things [we need to improve on], it is not always the same,” Klopp told the club’s official website. “I know now when we talk now about defending and the whole football world will say that’s why I am a pretty well-paid coach, but I don’t discuss on that level. It’s not only the last line, it’s not only a centre-half, it’s a common thing. Today we didn’t defend the half-spaces right anymore and that was our problem there. With the way Brighton plays – I think I heard the word ‘adventurous’ a few times today and that’s probably the right thing to say because they are pretty [much] on the front foot in these moments – if you don’t defend the half-spaces well then the last line has to drop a little bit, which makes no sense because they play between the lines and all this kind of stuff. All of a sudden it is then not to defend anymore and that’s how it is.”

“I know now I speak about Brighton and because the world is a bit strange people just still don’t respect the quality they have,” Klopp added. “They might not win 35 games a season, but 38 times they give to each team a proper game, definitely, because the things they do and the talent they have they are really good. Again, that is their quality and our quality should have been today – and the best way to defend them would have been to have had the ball and to do smart or clever stuff. That’s what we didn’t do enough and that’s why we opened the door for them coming back into the game and we paid the price for it, that’s how it is.”

Liverpool will take on Atletico Madrid on Wednesday and West Ham on Sunday before they move to a well-deserved two-week break.

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